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Social Contribution

Over and above its high corporate profile, AutoAlliance is an insightful neighbor in the surrounding communities where it operates. This can be seen in the company's extensive social role and corporate citizenship projects, where contributing to these communities is at the top of AAT's list of objectives.

AAT team member tirelessly devote themselves to numerous social activities through such charitable programs as:

  • Contribution to traditional Buddhist ceremony in the community
  • Participating in and contributing to social activities with local residents at neighboring schools and nearby temple.
  • Blood donation and flood victim support campaigns
  • Special projects, such as the donation plywood furniture and educational equipment to local schools

Other AAT social activities are:

  • Participation in a regular football match with neighboring companies
  • Cultural Contributions for the local community


The environment is yet another priority at AutoAlliance, and one that is considered worthy of investment in terms of money, time, people and other resources. This is why AutoAlliance produces, in the most efficient way, product that are environmentally sound and, at the same time, of value to customers. The company strives to achieve sound environmental performance by controlling the impact of its activities, product and services on the environmental policy and objectives.

Many internal AAT programs also focus on promoting good employee relation and boosting staff morale, with the aim to further enhance efficiency and the working environment.

Activities related to this cause include:

  1. Monthly religious ceremonies in the courtyard at AAT
  2. A rest area built by AAT operators themselves out of recycled plywood
  3. Programs for employees' fun and recreation
  4. Other innovation and creative campaign